Brooklyn Restaurant Serves ‘For Ladies’ Cocktails With Less Alcohol

Good news is that women and men can use the same entrance.
Good news is that women and men can use the same entrance. Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev

Served alongside a dinner menu of items like shrimp aguacate rellenos and tostadas at Clinton Hill restaurant Los Pollitos III is a new cocktail menu, devised by bartender Leo Vasquez and introduced two weeks ago, that has separately divided sections of “light alcohol” drinks intended for women and “extra alcohol” drinks for men. (A third section “for everyone” bridges the two with cocktails like the venerable “Sex on a Mexican Beach.”) On a quest to determine what, exactly, makes Alizé a beverage for women while men are meant to gulp tequila and Grand Marnier, DNAinfo learned from the restaurant’s manager that the “idea was to make people laugh,” but otherwise, Vasquez was “inspired by women who ask for drinks that are fruity and easy to drink.”

As a result, women are advised to stick to wine and Bailey’s at $7 a pop at Los Pollitos III, while drinks in the “For Men” section (like the vodka, tequila, rum, gin, and Kalhua-fortified Mexican Ice Tea) cost $10 each, because they contain more alcohol. So far, no one seems to really mind the menu format or find it offensive; the site even quotes a customer of the restaurant who says the gender division, even if it was intended half-seriously, makes sense because of “women who get so inebriated that they pass out and stumble around,” adding, “It’s safer for them to have drinks with less alcohol.”

For what it’s worth, kids’ drinks include virgin piña coladas and lemonade, and those cost the least, at $5 and $3, respectively. As if sensing an oncoming controversy, restaurant employees were quick to point out that nothing on the drink menu is set in stone. “Anyone can order anything,” says Vasquez.

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