Bushwick Bar Opens With Personal Phone-Charging Stations for Customers

We're all connected!
We're all connected! Photo: Daniel Maurer

Nomophobes of Brooklyn, rejoice: A bar has ended the tyranny of the single wall outlet. Left Hand Path, a new spot at 89 Wyckoff Avenue, gives patrons bellied up to the bar dedicated outlets and USB ports, in the process emancipating bartenders from nightly behind-the-counter phone-gofering duties. Co-owners Travis Boettcher, an ex-Facebook engineer, and Sean Knudeson, a veteran most recently of the Narrows, were going for Mad Men cocktail lounge meets Northwest dive bar, so the white outlets do look newfangledly anachronistic, especially as you consult the beer menu overhead made of 113-year-old spruce. [Bedford+Bowery]