Latest Kid Chef Is an 8-Year-Old Pastry Prodigy

"I like to watch a lot of Food Network," she says.
"I like to watch a lot of Food Network," she says.Photo: Brooklyn Cupcake

What’s that, old man Flynn McGarry? Pint-size pastry chef Taylor Moxey is 8, but the cupcakes and cookies she makes (with an obligatorily pink KitchenAid) are easily Miami’s most adorably in demand. She hustled assorted adult pros at the KISS Country Midtown Miami Cornbread Competition, and now her face is on billboards. Yes, her parents help out, but they probably don’t give her an allowance — they say she’s raking in thousands, all while managing other commitments: “If I have a client, let’s say, on Monday and I get home early, I start baking because I also have dance.” And if that weren’t enough, a portion of sales go to dyslexia awareness efforts. [WPLG]