Ex-Employees Sue Johnny Utah’s for Sexual Harassment

The mechanical bull has no comment.
The mechanical bull has no comment. Photo: Johnny Utah's

Uh-oh: Six ex-“Daisy Dukes” and two others have filed a lawsuit claiming that female employees at the cavernous urban roadhouse are forced to work in a “hyper-sexualized work environment” that involves regular “propositions” and lots of groping.

The workers cite a laundry list of Joe Francis-like scenarios, claiming that servers are asked to “sit on male customers’ laps” and “take off their shirts when they ride the mechanical bull and kiss other female employees.” Underage employees are encouraged to drink booze, they claim, and on “special occasions” — Thanksgiving, for instance — women were required to wrestle with each other in a kiddie pool full of jellied cranberry sauce. As if to drive the point home that Johnny Utah’s litigation-magnet mechanical bull is the least of its issues, two male ex-employees are also part of the suit, which claims they are owed back wages.

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