Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop Now Delivers Everywhere South of 96th Street

Shio-enough. Photo: Melissa Hom

In Manhattan, that is. Caviar, the food delivery service that’s amassed an impressive arsenal of clients who cook food you probably want to eat, from Momofuku’s pork buns to Mission Cantina’s burritos to the Cannibal’s charcuterie plates, will now bring you any of these four ramens, three donburi bowls, two salads, or single mazemen. (Get all ten things, why don’t you, for $111 plus extra charges.) Ramen tends to be undercooked by a few minutes, just right for about a minute, and then irreparably hammered for the rest of its noodle-y existence; it notoriously does not travel well and pretty much demands to be eaten right away. In other words, if this delivery thing works out, it’ll be one small step for Ivan Orkin’s Slurp Shop, and one giant leap for ramen-kind. [Official site, Related]