What to Eat at Hudson Eats in Brookfield Place, Now Open to the Public

Skinny Pizza's piadas.

Battery Park City's 600-seat, 35,000-square-foot food hall finally opens to the public today with 13 all-star restaurants: Umami Burger, Tartinery, Blue Ribbon Sushi, Black Seed, Little Muenster, Skinny Pizza, Dig Inn, Sprinkles, Olive's, Chop't, Dos Toros, Mighty Quinn's, and Num Pang. That should hold you over until 2015, when Parm, Jose Garces's first New York restaurant, and 25,000-square-foot marketplace Le District will open (among other restaurants). Maybe Stephen Starr is onto something: The neighborhood's never been more appealing. Take a look around, straight ahead.

For starters, here's Mighty Quinn's, already a popular choice.

Hudson Eats

Brisket for all.Photo: Melissa Hom

It's only a matter of time before Black Seed has a line double the size.

Hudson Eats

Tobiko cream cheese!Photo: Melissa Hom

AvroKO, BCV, and Spectorgroup designed the sleek space.

Hudson Eats

This is one swanky cafeteria.Photo: Melissa Hom

\There are views of the Hudson and the Statue of Liberty, too!

Hudson Eats

$$$.Photo: Melissa Hom

Here's Dig Inn's Veggivana sandwich, avocado-Waldorf salad, chicken-and-spicy-meatball sandwich, couscous, raw kale salad, and roasted beets.

Hudson Eats

Good spread.Photo: Melissa Hom

This diet-friendly Buffalo cheese pie from Skinny Pizza looks deceivingly normal and delicious.

Hudson Eats

Low-fat cheese.Photo: Melissa Hom

Here's a Sprinkles cupcake. There is no cupcake ATM, thankfully.

Hudson Eats

If you're going to eat one, get red velvet.Photo: Melissa Hom

Hudson Eats, 250 Vesey St.