Here’s the Knockoff Pot Candy at the Center of a Hershey’s Lawsuit

The Hasheath is a Heath Bar knockoff.

Colorado's thriving edibles industry apparently has some labeling issues to sort out beyond how to adequately warn Times columnists against eating the entire pot candy bar in one sitting: Hershey's is suing TinctureBelle, a Pueblo West–based mom-and-pop maker of pot candies, which packages edibles in labels meant to look like Hershey's labels, albeit really silly-looking ones. According to the suit, the products "trade on the goodwill of Hershey and its brands," and Hershey's wants them banished from dispensary shelves plus unspecified damages.

The suit names a few candy bars. There's the Heath clone, seen above; Hashees, which are the spitting image of Reese's; Ganja Joy, an Almond Joy look-alike; and Dabby Patty, wrapped in foil like a York peppermint patty.

No word yet on whether Mars is suing over Tincturebelle's "Snockers," and "Twigz" bars.


Sort of does look like a Twix bar, right?Photo: EdiblesList

It's also similarly unclear whether Nestlé has caught wind of the company's Buddafinger yet, but Hershey claims that the look-alike bars are "a genuine safety risk" for kids, who may be tricked into thinking the weed chocolates are actually their "famous and beloved" versions.

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