Guy Fieri Finally Met 50 Cent

This kind of thing happens in Flavortown every single day. Photo: Guy Fieri/Twitter

Looks like rapper, author, and actor 50 Cent met up with celebrity chef, author, and actor Guy Fieri inside the ultrasecret VIP parking bay we always suspected was connected directly to the back of the LIVE With Kelly and Michael set. During the summit, Fieri resorted to his standard pointing-to-whatever’s-next-to-him pose, while 50, who is likely still nursing his sore pitching arm, went for something more casual. No word yet if the two parties hashed out the recipe for Formula 50 Vitaminwater-flavored Donkey Sauce, the details of which are complicated by the fact it’s something we totally just made up right now, but clearly it would be a major culinary advancement if the pair ever attempted such a collaboration. [Guy Fieri/Twitter]