Doritos Put Tickets for Gold in Its Jacked Mystery-Flavor Bags

You have to buy the unmarked "Jacked" bags.
You have to buy the unmarked "Jacked" bags. Photo: Frito-Lay

A name like “Doritos” already has a conquistador-y edge, which is something Frito-Lay hopes to capitalize on this week if it can entice customers to go treasure-hunting inside its Jacked Bold Mystery Flavor bags. Lucky snackers will find a Dorito-dust-covered ticket that scores them a gold-plated chip. It’s pretty pointless minus its $31 scrap value, but two of these Dorito winners will win another, even gold-er Dorito worth $3,000. So if eating mystery flavors described as “burnt cat turds” and “peanut butter chili/total confusion” is your kind of adventure, your chances of nabbing a $31 Dorito actually aren’t terrible, at 1 in 140. [HuffPo]