Game of Thrones Tie-In Merchandising Now Includes Khaleesi Coffee Mugs and $9 Cookies

Perfect for weddings and other celebrations.
Perfect for weddings and other celebrations. Photo: Eleni's

With a record 7.1 million viewers tuning into last night’s season finale, it’s no wonder that HBO would want to broaden its base of officially licensed Games of Thrones merchandise, which CNBC says is now farmed out to some 60 different licensees. Beyond Ommegang’s Game of Thrones-branded limited-release beers is a very wide range of drinking vessels and drink-related products, including coffee mugs, funky-looking growlers, crested pint glasses, beer steins, shot glasses, and flasks — all are presumably appropriate for drinking games. Through the online HBO store, New York bakery Eleni’s has also offered this set of sigil-iced cookies, which apparently sell for $9 each. [CNBC, Related]