Frito-Lay Terrorizes Nation With Multi-City ‘Doritos Loaded’ Mystery Tour

It's nacho cheese.
It's nacho cheese.Photo: Kevin Cobb/Twitter

At last sighting, the “warm Nacho Cheese snack” known as Doritos Loaded was being furtively tested in Beltway 7-Elevens. And just like the Air Force on Roswell, the snack wasn’t something Frito-Lay was ready to “talk publicly about.” Whether America is or not, the company is now apparently ready, and today embarked on a multi-city “Doritos Loaded” 7-Eleven sampling tour in, of course, a “Cruncheesy” food truck that’s dispensing free Doritos Loaded in L.A. and Dallas. As suspected, a nationwide rollout is scheduled for July, and until that day, enthusiasts can monitor the melty Dorito-fied triangle thingies’ every move at this appropriately hybridized site: [Dallas News, Related]