Did Domino’s Pizza Hackers Just Release Details on 600,000 Customers on the Internet?

Don't get the door, it could be hackers.
Don't get the door, it could be hackers. Photo: Domino's

Serial hacker collective Rex Mundi says it has taken the names, delivery and email addresses, phone numbers, passwords, and crucial details about favorite toppings of more than 592,000 of the chain’s good, privacy-loving customers in France and 58,000 in Belgium. If Domino’s doesn’t cough up a €30,000 ransomabout $40,000 — by 8 p.m. Central European Time (that is, just a few minutes ago), they’re prepared to release “the entirety of the data in possession on the internet.”

Of course, there’s nothing about this information that the NSA doesn’t know already. And as unambitious as it is, Domino’s does not negotiate with terrorists. Netherlands CEO Andre ten Wold tells the Telegraph that something’s indeed “broken on our server,” but they’re confident “the information contained in them is protected. Financial data, such as credit cards, has not been stolen.”

In the meantime, apparently really serious about this extortion, Rex Mundi took to Twitter, before its account was suspended, to goad customers with tweets like “If @dominos_pizzafr doesn’t pay us tomorrow and we publish your data, u have the right to sue them. Speak to yr lawyer!” Because otherwise, prepare for the insanest prank order of so much Mozza Crust pizza and garlic bread.

Hackers Demand £24,000 from Domino’s Pizza in Return for Stolen Passwords and Email Addresses [Daily Mail UK]