New Chrome Extension Adds Health Ratings to Seamless Listings

Avoid this.
Avoid this. Photo: Getty Images

Seamless reviews often veer into detail about food temp and delivery times, but they can’t very well critique the cleanliness of the originating establishment. This blind spot dawned on software developer John McLaughlin while randomly passing by his go-to delivery spot, which happened to be padlocked by the Health Department. After later unearthing its unsettling rap sheet of past inspections, McLaughlin put his techie skills to work and created Seamless NYC Health Ratings, a browser add-on for Chrome that combines exactly what its name suggests: a restaurant’s health rating from NYC Open Data with its listing right there on the Seamless site. It’s not ready yet, but for all you Chrome-ophobes, McLaughlin says an mobile version is in the works, too. [Betabeat]