Lawsuit Claims Chobani’s Greek Yogurt Isn’t ‘Greek’ Enough

Why does everyone hate Chobani so much?
Why does everyone hate Chobani so much? Photo: Chobani

The Rocky of American yogurts has taken an awfully significant number of left hooks in recent months, but this latest instance of Chobani-hate seems more of a cheap shot: Basically, a guy from Scarsdale and another from Queens are plaintiffs in a class-action suit that takes exception to the Chobani name because it has Turkish roots and isn’t at all Greek. They also don’t like the “0%” label, the yogurt’s sugar content, and most of all, its Hellenic branding. “None of the products sold in the U.S. are made in Greece or made by Greek nationals,” the suit contends, so now they’re seeking unspecified damages. For its part, Chobani released a statement noting that a similar lawsuit had been thrown out already in California. [NYDN]