Restaurant Chain Issues Innovative ‘Burrito Bonds’ to Investors

Totally worth it.
Totally worth it. Photo: Chilango

Restaurateurs on Kickstarter routinely promise to treat investors to dinner in exchange for cash, and a Minnesota couple recently pledged to give “free” beer for life to anyone who put $1,000 toward their brewpub. Now a pair of London entrepreneurs have one-upped all this by offering “burrito bonds” to investors. Eric Partaker and Dan Houghton, former Skype employees who’ve already opened seven burrito-centric Chilango restaurants, hope to open several more, and bearers of the Chilango-issued documents and “black cards” are entitled one free burrito per week for the lifetime of the bond. Three days in, the partners have raised a little more than £440,000. [Moneybeat/WSJ]