Salmonella-Tainted Chia Seeds Sicken Dozens of People Across North America

There's never been a better time to lay off the kiwi Chia-garitas.

Chia seeds — the erstwhile tabletop novelty turned superfood du jour — have been responsible for at least 65 reported cases of salmonella in the U.S. and Canada since May, according to Food Safety News, which notes that most of the victims follow "vegan, vegetarian and dairy-free diets." Whether that's significant or not, a kind of sprouted chia seeds that's made its way into several brands seems to be the culprit here; three U.S. and eight Canadian brands already recalled their chia seed products, including trail mixes, and the list continues to grow. The CDC has traced most cases to "a particular farm," but says to put the kibosh on puddings and dressings and smoothies for now, calling the seeds "stealthy." [CDC via Vice Munchies]