Carl’s Jr. Testing Biscuit-Doughnut Hybrid With Unfortunate Name of ‘Bisnut’

"Made from scratch."
"Made from scratch." Photo: Wesley Bush/Twitter

Biscuits are manifestly not doughnuts, so of course it makes sense that Carl’s Jr., a place with apparently loads of biscuit batter lying around, might want to hole-punch one, slather the top with icing, then smash sprinkles into it in pursuit of a potentially best-selling mash-up food — they’re all over, after all. The chain has apparently been inflicting them on poor fast-food-lab-rat Californians since last month, but not everyone is falling for the pastry hybrid magic: “The bisnut from Hardee’s really is just a biscuit with icing and sprinkles,” says one such lackluster review. [Brand Eating, Related]