‘Starbucks of South Korea’ Plans 11 More NYC Locations

Caffé Bene in Times Square.
Caffé Bene in Times Square. Photo: Caffé Bene

Back in February, Caffé Bene executive Min Hong said that the expanding coffee chain was shaping up to open 80 New York City locations within the next year or so, and while this kind of boast usually amounts to aspirational real-estate chatter, that’s seemingly not the case here. The so-called “Starbucks of South Korea,” which has 1,200 stores worldwide, will next open at 246 Fifth Avenue at 28th Street, as well as in the Flatiron District, Washington Heights, and the Financial District; four other Manhattan locations apparently have freshly inked leases, and three Caffé Benes are headed to Queens. These 11 stores will be open within four months, bringing the city’s Caffé Bene total up to 17 — 260 more, and it’ll be fully caught up to Starbucks. [Real Deal, Related]