Bushwick’s Community Board Wants to ‘Halt the Influx’ of New Bars

Drink up while you can.
Drink up while you can. Photo: Daniel Maurer

Bars, like the one that offers customers personal phone-charging stations, can be incredibly valuable places, but the number of new establishments seeking liquor licenses in Bushwick has apparently grown so high that CB4 Brooklyn has been forced to add extra meetings to handle the demand. “We’re inundated with many, many more than this community needs,” the group’s district manager said last week, and now lawmakers are being enlisted to help slow the number of bars opening in the neighborhood. Because the State Liquor Authority ultimately grants or denies licenses, it’s unclear what types of bar-thwarting plans could be implemented on a local level, but a previous attempt to introduce a moratorium on liquor licenses in Williamsburg fizzled out. [DNAInfo]