Oops! Buffalo Wild Wings Aired a Topless Video in One of Its Restaurants

Getting saucy.

The Baile family was eating at their local B-Dubs in Gastonia, North Carolina, probably doing what families do, which is wondering why none of the 100 television sets in the restaurant weren't playing their game, when "a video with topless women popped up on the screens." One "horrified" mother, Carolyn, notified the server, who presumably frantically jabbed at buttons on the nearby remote to fix the issue, and while Buffalo Wild Wings called it "an inadvertent mistake," the Bailes feel pretty burned: "You should be able to trust a few places in the world, especially a family restaurant," Carolyn told the local news. Shockingly, it was the 17-year-old son who noticed the nudity first. [WSOC]