Taco Bell Parent Company Testing Bánh Mì Restaurant Concept

Somehow we suspect the bánh mì won't be this pretty.
Somehow we suspect the bánh mì won't be this pretty.Photo: Hadley Tomicki

You might want to take this with a healthy shot of fish sauce, but EscapeHatch posits that Yum! Brands is about to start testing its next fast-casual concept, which will try to do for Vietnamese sandwiches what Taco Bell did for tortillas. The tip about Banh Shop, which will specialize in variations on bánh mì, comes from a “reader who knows such things,” and it does make some sense because the corporation’s Super Chix, purveyor of “the last true chicken sandwich,” is happening nearby, and the area in general is proving grounds for new Yum! Brands concepts. Don’t get excited about a nationwide roll-out, however: An earlier report suggests Yum is only tinkering with the prototype, with “no plans to expand the concept in the U.S.,” and will eventually export Banh Shop for the international market. [Escape Hatch Dallas]