Wonder Bread-Maker Really Loves Contributing to Republican Candidates

White bread.
White bread. Photo: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images

Turns out that Flowers Foods Inc, which makes Tastykakes, Nature’s Own, and Wonder Bread (since last year) has given 99 percent of all political contributions in the last 35 years to Republican candidates. The bakery company’s executives are exactly power broker material, compared, say, to the Koch brothers, whose corporation comes in with 88 percent of all contributions leaning to the right. The Upshot notes that even the privately held Koch Industries has given more to Democrats in the last 14 months than Flowers Foods has in the last three decades, and the tradition seems to go back several decades. Last year, Flowers reported $230.9 million net income on sales of $3.75 billion, the paper notes, so the voting habits of its top-level guys may actually be the yeast of their problems. [NYT, Related]