Taco Stand Owner Says Taco Bell’s ‘Live Más’ Campaign Was His Idea

"I'd like to call the taco to the stand."
"I'd like to call the taco to the stand." Photo: Taco Bell

Kevin McCarney, owner of L.A.’s Poquito Más Baja-style taco stands, has built a mini-empire around the Spanish word for more: He controls federal trademarks for “The Más,” “Chef Más,” “Mucho Más,” and several más like it. It’s enough trademarks that Taco Bell’s lawyers wanted him to okay the “Live Más” ad campaign back in 2012 — something he refused to do. Obviously, Taco Bell moved ahead anyway, and now McCarney’s suing for trademark violations, though he in turn maybe violated Taco Bell’s trademark last year when he returned fire with “Get Poquito Más Out of Life.” If mediation fails, the fight for “más” moves to the courtroom in 2015. [OC Weekly]