Sweet Chick Manhattan Opens Tomorrow in the Old Max Fish Space

Sweet home Sweet Chick.
Sweet home Sweet Chick. Photo: Daniel Maurer

After some delays and a lot of renovations, tomorrow Williamsburg restaurant Sweet Chick opens its second location in the old Max Fish space. The menu includes cocktails and new dishes, like a chicken parm served on a sun-dried-tomato waffle, as well as the same entry-level chicken and waffles owners John Seymour and Sam Saleh serve over in Brooklyn. The only remaining traces of the lamented old Ludlow Street bar, Bedford + Bowery dutifully notes, are the curved impression where the bar used to stand and some graffiti on the floor where the bathrooms were. The new space is outfitted with mismatched mirrors and some countrified picnic-table-style seating, and vintage waffle irons now hang on the walls. [Bedford + Bowery, Related]