Sugar Factory Will Open at Barclays Center

So Brooklyn.
So Brooklyn. Photo: Courtesy of Sugar Factory.

Well, it took a little longer than expected, but by golly, Sugar Factory American Brasserie, the Las Vegas‒sired café/bar/candy buffet that specializes in crushed-chocolate-bar-muddled jumbo sundaes, alcoholic goblets that put the stunner on your blood glucose, and advanced cupcake-brain replacement therapy is set to open in 4,000 square feet on the ground floor at Barclays Center. Soon, everyone will be clamoring for Pop Rocks‒rimmed cocktails made with whipped-cream-flavored vodka and Red Bull, and probably everything else on the chain’s 32-page menu, such as the Kardashian-approved “signature” Lollipop Passion Goblet. The chief executive of the real estate firm behind the lease arrangement says he hopes to open “another five to seven” Sugar Factory locations in New York City, which probably, truly means the terrorists have won. [Commercial Observer, Related]