Subway Threatens America With 8,000 New Locations

Get ready to see this everywhere.

Subway co-founder and CEO Fred DeLuca told Bloomberg that if the sandwich chain keeps demand up for its products, it's entirely possible that it will be able to open between 7,000 and 8,000 new U.S. locations — optimism that probably depresses the folks over at Mickey D's, whose sales are in a slump. It might take 10 years or longer for the growth to happen, but if when it does, there will be more than 34,000 Subways in America. (Whoever makes the yoga-mat chemical Subway just took out of its bread is going to be seriously upset that they're missing out on that kind of business.) The company also announced separately yesterday that it's testing a hummus topping for veggie eaters and experimenting with thinner meat slices. "For some reason, it looks better," DeLuca said. "It looks like more meat." [Bloomberg, AP]