Sriracha Maker Wins Battle With California City Council

The heat is (back) on.
The heat is (back) on. Photo: Amazon

Irwindale, California, Mayor Mark Breceda has been successful in his efforts to convince the local city council to drop its ongoing public-nuisance complaints against David Tran’s immense 650,000-square-foot fermented-jalapeño factory. Since last fall, neighbors have been adamant that odors emanating from Huy Fong Foods, which is located within an industrial area of the city, have drifted on the wind and right down into their tranquil suburban backyards, where the hot-sauce vapors have allegedly caused cluster headaches and ruined several birthday parties. Sriracha sauce baron David Tran has pledged, the Pasadena Star-News reports, to deal more efficiently with complaints and swiftly quell any offensive odors once chili-grinding season begins in August. Perhaps not entirely coincidentally, the announcement was made less than a week after Grub reported that the McIlhenny Company’s Tabasco brand, which is distributed in 166 countries, has debuted its own version of Sriracha sauce. [AP, PSN, Related]