Spotted Pig’s Website Goes Down As Soon As Reservations Open Up Online

Friedman and Bloomfield, from the Pig's early days in 2004. Photo: David Howells/Corbis

One clear indication of the enduring popularity of the Spotted Pig, April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman's first project together, is that customers are still making a mad dash to get through the front door ten full years after its debut. In a first for the West Village restaurant, and in commemoration of the Pig's birthday, the restaurateurs this morning began to make a handful of tables available for online reservations — they posted at 8 a.m. for availability next week, and will continue for bookings until June 2, when the promotion ends. The generous move apparently enticed scores of Roquefort burger devotees, who temporarily crashed the Spotted Pig website and scrambled its OpenTable listings, of course. Until tomorrow! [Related]