Diner Claims Soto’s Chef Brandished Sushi Knife in the Dining Room

Soto. Photo: Jeremy Liebman

An anonymous, angry customer harnessed the power of the Daily News’s chipper “Confidenti@l” column to all-out trash Sotohiro Kosugi, the chef-proprietor at the well-regarded West Village sushi restaurant Soto. The chef apparently had a meltdown Tuesday night after a customer complained the tuna had too much fat, a quality that is, incidentally, prized by some 100 percent of all sushi chefs who ever existed. Anyhow, the source tells the paper that Kosugi came out from around the sushi bar and started “banging dishes, walking back and forth through the restaurant swinging his knife,” and that the outburst lasted “for a good 10 to 15 minutes.” A waitress confirmed there had been an exchange between a customer and a chef Tuesday night, but she saw no knife-waving. In the meantime, the Daily News reports that the meal of “experimental dishes” was comped, but that hasn’t kept some vigilant Yelper who’s never been to the restaurant from warning prospective diners to stay away with this freshly minted one-star review. [NYDN]