Bar Offers ‘Sinkhole de Mayo’ Mudslides After Nature Swallows Up Road

Dean Rodrigue is selling Mudslides, of course.
Dean Rodrigue is selling Mudslides, of course. Photo: Sawmill Bar and Grill/Facebook

The actual sinkhole that suddenly opened up yesterday underneath two lanes of paved road outside the Sawmill Bar and Grill in Millinocket, Maine, really doesn’t look like much, but it was enough to shut the road down in both directions. But owner Dean Rodrigue needs all the customers he can get, so he’s borrowing a quip from last year’s Seth Rogen vehicle This Is the End and putting the mill-town establishment’s illuminated roadside sign to good use. No word on how many people came in for happy-hour Mudslides, but we hear the Log Drive Burger on brioche is pretty good, too. [Sawmill Bar and Restaurant/Facebook via Reddit]