Danny Meyer Wins Again

He's a fan.
He's a fan. Photo: Shake Shack/Twitter

From the looks of it, Phillies manager and Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg apparently got over his animosity toward Shake Shack, a week after he first reported getting over what sounded like a bout of acute food poisoning: Danny Meyer’s ever-expanding hamburger chain just posted this photo to its Twitter account, along with the message: “’Safe!’ THANKS @Phillies Ryne Sandberg for the instant replay & putting #ShakeShack back in the win column. #ClassAct” We imagine that the president and vice president’s unofficial endorsement of the Dupont Circle Shake Shack probably helped to advance the dialogue, and now that things have seemingly smoothed out, Sandberg has also apparently moved onto a broader discussion of his eating habits, like, uh, a childhood fixation with dry cat food. “I still remember the crunchiness of it was the biggest thing,” he said during a podcast over the weekend, referring to an old, pre-hamburger habit. “This wasn’t a one time thing either. This went on for about a year as a little snack.” [Shake Shack/Twitter, Earlier, Related]