$1 Million Lawsuit Filed Against Red Lobster Server Who Posted Receipt Online

For the litigious seafood lover in you.

Last fall, a server at a Tennessee Red Lobster used social media to circulate an image of a receipt she claimed had been left by a customer who left a nasty racist slur in the "Total" line, which turned into a Reddit-oriented witch hunt of sorts and resulted, oddly enough, in the customer being cleared of any wrongdoing and server Toni Jenkins getting $10,000 in the form of sympathy tips. The customer Devin Barnes is now suing Jenkins and the chain, possibly before its change of ownership is finalized, for $1 million, because the internet apparently won't let anyone forget he was accused of being a racist. "This can come back and haunt him forever, it's never, ever going to go away. This has permanently destroyed him, forever," his mother Sallyann Barnes optimistically tells NBC. [NBC 2 Tennessee via Eater, Related]