Gabrielle Hamilton’s Long-Awaited Cookbook Finally Has a Release Date

Chef is staying busy.
Chef is staying busy.Photo: Melissa Hom

In her first installment of a new series for T Magazine’s blog on chefs and restaurants, Charlotte Druckman learns Gabrielle Hamilton not only completely revamped the menu at Prune — fear not, the Triscuits and sardines still headline, as do the radishes and butter — but that the chef-owner is also finishing her highly anticipated cookbook, Prune, which Random House will publish November 4. Hamilton says constantly “cataloging, testing, archiving and writing down” the bistro’s classic dishes partly spurred the menu overhaul, which hasn’t changed much since the restaurant opened in 1999. New dishes include a fork-and-knife-worthy steak tartare served on Vegemite-butter-slathered brown bread with capers. Check out the whole thing here. [NYT]