Pot Brownies Could Land Texas Teen in Prison for Life

Whoa. Photo: Getty Images

Police busted Jacob Lavoro last month for possessing pot brownies, pretty small-time on the hierarchy of crime, but a probably horrified 19-year-old now faces five years to life in prison. Lavoro’s fateful mistake was baking with hash oil, which boasts a very high THC concentration, and in Texas, having more than four grams is very much a first-degree felony. But the few drops of oil he added, being oil, spread through the mix, so police weighed the whole batch and came up with a hefty possession charge of one and a half pounds. “I’m sorry, I’m a law-abiding citizen, I’m a conservative, but I’ll be damned,” says his father. “This is wrong. This is damn wrong.” The teen’s lawyer says he’s hoping to get the charge reduced to a less draconian misdemeanor. [ABC]