Mark Ladner Will Launch Gluten-Free ‘Pasta Bowl’ Concept

Beam us up.
Beam us up. Photo: Pasta Flyer/Twitter

The brainiacs over at Dave Arnold’s Museum of Food and Drink excitedly tweet that Del Posto chef Mark Ladner is working on something called Pasta Flyer, described on its Facebook page as a “fresh, healthful, gluten-free pasta bowl concept that takes the warmth of grandma’s cooking into an animated, quick-service setting.” This makes a lot of sense, considering the pasta wizard himself last year told Grub that his kitchen has seen a huge uptick in diners with gluten sensitivities. “We felt it unfair for some guests to have uneven or less soulful pasta experiences than the others in their group,” he said, explaining his approach to Del Posto’s gluten-free pasta options. Expect Pasta Flyer to launch an official Kickstarter any minute now, as the chef is apparently already working on some dishes. [Official site via Eater NY, Related]