Greenpoint’s Oldest Polish Bakery Will Close to Make Way for Development

The bakery is 20 years old.
The bakery is 20 years old. Photo: Jim Henderson

Owners of New Warsaw Bakery, one of Greenpoint’s remaining Polish-owned food businesses, tells Voices of NY that he is negotiating to sell the building to a real estate developer, but that the business will reopen. “We are still looking for a most suitable and convenient location. We would like to stay in Greenpoint, but for now we can’t say for sure,” Roman Świdziński tells the site. The Lorimer Street establishment is one of the few places in New York where you can pop your head into the open kitchen door and buy a loaf of hot bread right off the cooling rack with just a little cash, which at 4 a.m. can seem downright magical. The bakery will remain open for “at least a couple of months” until the transaction is finalized. [Voices of NY]