New Restaurant’s Logo Looks an Awful Lot Like Ferrari’s

Eat, Bray, Love.
Eat, Bray, Love.Photo: Instagram; Ferrari

Maranello Restaurant & Lounge, which opens today in Washington Heights with a menu of Italian food and a race car theme, has affixed a sort of homage to the famed automaker’s “prancing horse” above its front door, and the same equine silhouette is part of the establishment’s logo. So far no one —  including Ferrari — seems to mind, but in response to a possible infringement lawsuit, an owner suggests that no one will confuse the two because “underneath the horse image, the word ‘Trattoria’ puts an end to any doubt that it’s an eatery,” and not, say, a car showroom. While that may be true, all those giant sports car photos and a blowup of the real Ferrari logo hanging inside the dining room might not have been the best possible decor choice. [NYDN]