Japanese Chain Rolls Out Frightening Ramen Burgers With Soup on the Side

But seriously, where's the beef?
But seriously, where's the beef? Photo: Loteria

Now that Keizo Shimamoto’s ramen burger is out in Crown Heights getting ready for its artisanal beer hall debut, it’s probably high time for the fast-food version that predated it to do something new. As it happens, Loteria has improved on its original ramen burger — which slapped a ramen noodle “patty” on a bun with some pork and sauce — by sourcing noodles and blessings in conjunction with Taishoken Takinogawa, where the deconstructed ramen style called tsukemen was pioneered. This new insanity lets customers order ramen burgers stacked with up to three noodle patties, and there’s a bowl of noodle-less soup for dipping. The most expensive version sells for $7.50, which includes menma, chashu, and fish cakes as fixins’, and all gimmickry aside, this could be the best pioneered method yet for enjoying ramen on the go. [Eataku, Related]