Beijing’s Foul Air-Pollution Problem Gets Its Own Signature Beer

Cloudy with a good chance of hops.
Cloudy with a good chance of hops. Photo: Jing-A Brewing/Instagram

Every heavy-metal-contaminated smog cloud has a silver lining, it seems: As part of its official launch, microbrewery Jing-A Brewing came up with a nontraditional promotion for its Airpocalypse, an unfiltered IPA with 8.8 percent ABV. For a limited time, the price of pints decreased every time the U.S. Embassy’s Beijing air-pollution monitors detected an uptick in pollutants and updated its official Twitter feed. The worst possible number meant the beer was free, the Wall Street Journal reports. While the promotion has ended and everyone’s hopes for very-low-cost beer have been dashed, it may come back for the holidays. The “air quality is almost always off the charts” during Chinese New Year, the beer’s creator says. [WSJ]