Ivan Ramen Opens Tonight

There's going to be Orkin's ramen, too.
There's going to be Orkin's ramen, too. Photo: Melissa Hom

Tonight at 5:30 p.m., native New Yorker and veteran Tokyo noodler Ivan Orkin will finally throw open the doors of his Lower East Side ramen-ya. Earlier, Grub took a look at some of the menu, which includes a stellar-looking mazemen made with Parmesan, asiago, Pecorino, and cream cheese, not to mention pickled bean sprouts and whole-wheat noodles. There’s a vegetarian riff on Coney Island chili dogs, and a dish of poached tongue in dashi with Japanese mustard is a sly nod the the great Jewish delicatessens of the Lower East Side. Sake, cold beer, and ramen will also be served. After today, the restaurant will be open seven days a week. [Related]