Woman Sues In-N-Out for Scarring Her Legs With Hot Coffee

Watch out!
Watch out! Photo: Coco Mault/flickr

If you’re newly back from the fifth dimension, drive-through coffee is hot and requires an extra careful hand-off, one that Berkeley grad Hedy Chen says an Oakland In-N-Out didn’t give her, along with no cup-wrapping sleeve. She dropped the “excessively hot” cup into her lap, spent three days in a burn unit, and now her legs are scarred and she’s suing the chain. The lawsuit claims staff refused to call 911, citing company policy (In-N-Out told the Chronicle that isn’t company policy), and pestered her to pull out of the drive-through line, and allegedly gave her a bag of ice … which unfortunately exacerbates scarring. Chen didn’t specify a damages amount; she’s left that to a jury to decide. [SF Chronicle via HuffPo]