Programmer Debuts Exclusive, In-Restaurant Applebee’s Social Network

Applebesties, obviously.
Applebesties, obviously. Photo: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images

For those who love riblets but just can’t bear to eat them while dining at a table for one, there is now hope: WhatsApplebee’s is a free and awkwardly named iOS chat app from the mind of programmer Mike Lazer-Walker that will connect you with “other fans of the restaurant chain Applebee’s.” Best of all, by using your phone’s location services, it literally won’t work unless you’re physically inside an Applebee’s, earning it the much-coveted distinction of “most exclusive social network.” The app isn’t associated or affiliated with the chain restaurant, but it has a five-star rating nonetheless, thanks to users like Monicapn, who gushes, “Now I can text with my Applebesties right from the app, without slowing down my meal!” [Laughing Squid]