Watch Guy Fieri Talk Up His Humble Origins As a Child-Prodigy Pretzel Vendor


The celebrity chef and author of the new book Guy on Fire, which is not about immolation, last night went on The Tonight Show to bond with Jimmy Fallon over jumbo hot dogs and immense goblets of Sammy Hagar rum cocktails that are thickened with something that’s actually called “rock-candy syrup.” Here, Fieri talks about how customers are already swimming in the Donkey Sauce at Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen & Bar, his new Vegas restaurant. He also talks about his early days in lemonade and Kool-Aid sales, and just like a Horatio Alger narrative on peroxide, how his foundation provides pretzel carts to kids — just like the one he had growing up.

Guy Fieri Owned a Pretzel Cart as a Kid
[Late Night/NBC]