You Should Really Watch These Grilled-Cheese Sandwiches Get Delivered With Parachutes


There’s a new, not-for-profit “sandwich-throwing venture” in Melbourne, which, of course, is the best kind of sandwich-throwing venture there is, called Jafflechutes. The gist of it is that customers check out ahead of time on PayPal, then wait in the street for ham or tomato jaffles — Australian for “grilled cheese” — that arrive by a “gravity-controlled melted-cheese delivery mechanism,” a.k.a. a mess of plastic parachutes and string. The group just raised almost $5,000 on Pozible in order to bring jaffles to New Yorkers, so that’s exciting, even if you always thought you were staunchly opposed to the idea of flying sandwiches. Straight ahead, the twee-est food-delivery drone to ever fly the friendly skies.

This Grilled Cheese Restaurant Delivers You Your Sandwich by Parachute [Co.Exist]