Here’s How You Can Buy Some Ramen Burgers Online Today

Drone delivery can't be far behind.
Drone delivery can't be far behind. Photo: Go! Burger

Good news for people curious to try food fads, but who also might not live in the major metropolitan areas where they’re sold: Goldbely, the company that specializes in shipping so-hot foods like Cronuts, is in the midst of a two-day Ramen Burger flash sale. Until the end of today, you can get two of Keizo Shimamoto’s creations, for $8 each, delivered right to your door this Friday — provided you time things right. Goldbely is releasing the burgers in batches through the day, which they say gives everyone a fairer shot. That may be true, but it also makes it seriously frustrating to figure out the timing. In any event, head here for instructions on how to maximize your chances (Spoiler: You just have to keep an eye on Goldbely’s Facebook and Twitter accounts). [Goldbely]