The Trailer for Eddie Huang’s Fresh Off the Boat Looks Hilarious


Our friends over at Vulture take a look at ABC’s mid-season lineup, including Eddie Huang’s Fresh Off the Boat, based on his 2013 memoir of the same name. The Baohaus chef and burgeoning media tycoon is a producer on the show, the first primetime network-television sitcom centered on an Asian-American family since Margaret Cho’s short-lived All-American Girl in 1994. Fresh Off the Boat tells the story of young, hip-hop-loving Eddie, who moves to suburban Orlando from D.C. and tries to fit in, to apparently disastrous results. The trailer, straight ahead, has some really great moments, including a bit where Eddie’s parents try to pass off some coupons for the family steakhouse to the school principal while meeting to discuss their son’s behavior.

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