Fatty ’Cue in the West Village Closes This Weekend

Fatty fans, fear not: The Fatty “Mcrib” Bao, along with other items, may show up at Fatty Crab. Photo: Melissa Hom

These are certainly lean times for the Fatty empire: Proprietor Rick Camac says in a statement that the three-year-old West Village restaurant will serve the last of its fish-sauced barbecued pork ribs this weekend. Brooklyn's Fatty 'Cue shuttered late last year to become Fatty Labs, an events space, and now the original Fatty Crab is the last of the restaurants to bear the moniker. (Co-founder Zak Pelaccio left the group last year to focus on his project in Westchester.) There's some Fatty light at the end of this tunnel, however: Possibly referencing his partnership with Stephen Starr, Camac says there are more restaurants forthcoming in places like Dubai and London, Eater reports, and in the interim, Fatty Crab will be serving some of Fatty 'Cue's most-loved dishes for the foreseeable future. [Eater, Related]