Empire Biscuit Felled by Fire-Alarm-Pulling Carbo-Terrorist

No soggy bottoms!
No soggy bottoms! Photo: Melissa Hom

After nearly six months of round-the-clock chicken biscuits and gravy (and then some), some killjoy “customer” went and pulled the fire suppression system at Empire Biscuit in the East Village, forcibly closing the restaurant until the various chemicals can be cleaned up, and the reset system can be inspected by the fire department. Much is being made of the fact that today happens to be National Biscuit Day, but since we don’t observe fake food holidays here at Grub, we won’t get into it — unless, of course, someone hits Potatopia right before National Baked Potato Day and La Maison du Croque Monsieur is defaced during National Bechamel Awareness Week. That would seem to indicate some kind of pattern and a serial carbo-terrorist in our midst, which of course would make for the best, but also maybe the worst, ripped-from-the-headlines episode of Law & Order ever. Chung-Chung. [Gothamist, Related]