Momofuku Ko Will Get Bigger, But Don’t Expect More Seats

Chang, on last night's mustard-colored carpet.
Chang, on last night's mustard-colored carpet. Photo: Jimi Celeste/PatrickMcMullan

David Chang says that just because his renowned East Village chef’s counter is about to move from its First Avenue home to a much larger space on Extra Place, don’t expect it to have “that much more seating.” At last night’s 2014 James Beard Foundation Awards, Chang explained that he and his team have always been constrained by the current Momofuku Ko. The 600-square-foot,12-seat space opened in 2008 in the footprint of the original Momofuku Noodle Bar, which turns 10 this year. (“I hope not,” Chang said, when asked if he was doing anything special to celebrate. “I really don’t want to.”) Otherwise, the chef has been tweeting some crazy-looking works in progress for Ko 2.0 and says the larger new space will allow the team to “cook some stuff that we want to cook” but haven’t been able to manage under the current constraints. Just don’t expect room for much more than 12 guests at time. “It’s sort of like getting a bigger house. It doesn’t mean you’re going to get more people to live there,” he said. [Related]