Danny Meyer Says Shack Burgers Probably Didn’t Make Coach and Player Sick

The restaurant group is investigating the claims.
The restaurant group is investigating the claims. Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Danny Meyer says it’s “highly unlikely” that Shake Shack’s beef — a Pat La Frieda blend delivered to the chain’s locations in daily batches — was the culprit in the suspected case of food poisoning that hit Phillies manager and Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg over the weekend (it turns out Mets first baseman Lucas Duda’s burger, whether it made him sick or not, came from the Westbury location). The restaurateur explains to the Post, “If you’re in a restaurant and one person says they got food poisoning from fish, you can say, ‘Well, that was probably one bad fish.’ But with hamburger meat, it’s an entire batch. And we haven’t heard of one other case of food poisoning.” Meanwhile, the Journal checked out the line yesterday at Citi Field and reports that ShackBurger loyalists were unfazed. “Apparently Ryne Sandberg, food critic, doesn’t hold much sway at Citi Field,” it notes. [Post, WSJ, Earlier]